Voices: Rezabek

Give clients what they need, not just what they say they want

'Every time I read about the convergence of IT and OT, I wonder, are we converging, or does management think it’s all the same because we all use computers and networks?'

By John Rezabek
Sep 21, 2017

In a pivotal scene in the now-ancient, nerd-classic movie Star Wars, self-serving and detached smuggler and fugitive Han Solo makes a U-turn and flies to the aid of idealistic and young Luke Skywalker and his noble quest. Fans are delighted by his reversal from mercenary to hero of the revolution. We like it when the “I’m just in it for myself; when I’m paid, I’m on my way” gunslinger turns out to have morals and values, and comes to the rescue of the struggling and otherwise doomed “good guys.” It’s interesting how the entertainment industry recycles this theme repeatedly.

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