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When minimizing cost compromises functionality, its price may be too high

One core duty of engineers is to spend their company’s or their client’s money efficiently, by understanding the function or value of an application, and seeking a way to deliver this function in the best way.

By John Rezabek
Jan 11, 2017

If you are cohabitating with a non-engineer, you may have discovered, like me, that “form” and “function” are rarely combined in the same purchase. I thought about this while nursing along the first fire of the season in my government-subsidized and certifiably 75% efficient biomass combustor, i.e. wood burning stove. It’s a compromise between a lovely piece of furniture that complements the family room, and a hopefully efficient way to help stave off the cold while utilizing the windfall from carbon-consuming trees on the lot. I’m thankful that my spouse is around to enforce some level of aesthetics and taste because the engineer she lives with would probably have installed some obnoxious obscenity of half-improvised pig iron jutting out into the living space.

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