Voices: Rezabek

Prepare to rationalize and operate on alarms from the Internet of Things

Actionable information is essential for the effectiveness of the 'loop,' as it is for closed-loop control and open-loop alarms.

By John Rezabek
Oct 13, 2016

When I sat down in my office this morning, I was greeted by the operations manager, who pointed out an entry from last night’s operations log: “Did you see? The boiler steam vent is in manual because the pressure reading whacked out and made the vent open.” I always appreciate (not) such descriptions of instruments gone awry, like “whacked out,” “went crazy,” “died,” etc.—most too colorful for me to repeat in this dignified, professional journal. It means I have to go to the control house and stare at trends, diagnostics and related measurements to determine what really went wrong.

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