Voices: Rezabek

Let’s use smarter things to make plants run safer and better

We know many of the problems that compromise productivity; now we have the technology and can afford to take care of them.

By John Rezabek, process control specialist
Apr 17, 2016

Finally, a WiFi-enabled smart toaster. Where was this gadget back when I could eat a full loaf of cinnamon-raisin bread toast without gaining a pound? My old-school toaster dates from the 1980s — older than most of the instruments where I work — and does indeed make toast, and perfectly good toast if you're willing to babysit and pop it a couple times to check its progress. Since it still functions on this rudimentary level, I risk marital acrimony if I dare to replace it (or the microwave from decades ago that dims the lights when it runs) because my spouse is decidedly anti-tech, and prefers beach vacations to slick new appliances.

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