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Microsoft Windows patch management driving inefficiency, lost production

Nebulous mechanisms for security patches requiring increased man-hours

By John Rezabek
Sep 13, 2016

Have you noticed, “Patches,” the Microsoft Windows security patch dog, still hasn’t been put to sleep? Last week, after applying update patches to one of our operator workstations, it was taking a while to reboot (necessary to complete the patch installation, you know). Since I had availed myself of a brief process outage to install them, the operations team leader was okay for me to go to lunch when it was apparent the machine needed time to restart. Who dares to interrupt a shutdown these days when you’re admonished “Do not power down your PC” whenever they’re applied. Swirl, swirl went the Windows 7 animation along with the “Shutting Down” message. When I got back from lunch, it was still doing it. Swirl, Swirl. As shift change approached more than four hours later, the workstation would still not complete the reboot. What if the process had been running?

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