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Cyber Warfare and the Control Systems Community

What Must the Control Systems Community Do to Adapt to the Threat of Cyber Warfare?

Robert Lee By Robert M. Lee[mailto:robertmichael.lee@gmail.com], Cyberspace Officer, USAF

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Here are excerpts from the February 2007 issue of Andrew Bond’s Industrial Automation Insider, a monthly newsletter covering the important industrial automation news and issues as seen from the U.K.


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It seems that whenever IT meets real-time control systems, trouble usually erupts, but this article shows that while industrial cyber security is complex, there are ways to keep your plant assets protected.


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ControlGlobal.com contributor Dale Peterson offers his review of the AGA 12 standard, a serial link encryption and authentication protocol for SCADA field communications.


Raising the bar for control system security

Security researchers at Wurldtech Analytics are partnering with ISA to establish procedures and an operations model for the security testing and certification of products used for control.


SCADA system makers pushed toward security

Idaho National Laboratory and the New York State Office of Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure have teamed up with utilities and makers of distributed control system software to offer advice on how to make system security a major part of the critical infrastructure.


Safety is no accident

Plant safety and security has never been more important given the current political climate. Here are some web resources for a coordinated, plant-wide response to madness and mayhem.


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