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Predictive maintenance aimed at reducing process downtime

Maintenance Response Center brings best practices in asset management to I&C systems

By Paul Studebaker
Apr 30, 2015

Schneider Automation Header[http://www.controlglobal.com/articles/2015/schneider-global-pauto-conference-1/] On a deepwater oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico, they call it "unplanned deferred production." They planned for 1.4% and ended up with 11.5% – $190 million in unplanned deferred revenue. The typical rate of what most people call "unplanned outages," or simply "downtime," costs Gulf rigs "more than $1.5 billion annually," said  Jamie Stapleton, global product manager, Foxboro Evo, Schneider Electric, at the company's 2015 Global Automation Conference, today in Dallas. That's 160% of their total OpEx, and it's not just a problem on oil rigs.

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