Voices: Studebaker

It's easier to fix old stuff than accept the challenge of new technology

Paul Studebaker discusses the benefits and drawbacks of buying and maintaining older cars versus purchasing new, more expensive ones.

By Paul Studebaker
Mar 3, 2017

One of the ways I entertain myself and keep my wife happy on our modest household budget (now in its seventh year of ravaging by university tuition payments) is by buying, fixing and driving middle-aged fancy European cars. Yes, I know it can be less expensive and much less trouble to buy a new, $20,000-30,000 machine that gets better gas mileage, has the latest technology and needs nothing but oil changes for at least five years. I’ve done that and the proof is my 1992 Honda Civic, purchased new, now sporting 315,000 miles and nicknamed, “One More Year.”

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