Voices: Studebaker

Reflections from Chief Editor Paul Studebaker on 25 years of Readers’ Choice Awards

Our awards 'would be nothing without the readers who make the choices. I hope all of you who have voted this year and over the years will accept my thanks,' Studebaker says.

By Paul Studebaker
Jan 17, 2017

As your once and current editor in chief, I’m in my 14th year on the Control staff, including a decade from 1993 to 2003, but I was still surprised to realize this is the 25th time we’ve compiled our *Readers’ Choice Awards*. I remember the early years, when we ensured the integrity of voting by using paper ballots bound to the magazines and certified with your issue’s mailing label. Respondents wrote their answers in blanks on the self-mailing ballots—we examined each and every one to ensure no vendors participated, and no one voted more than once.

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