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MARCH 21-25, 2011


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Beginner's Guide to Differential Pressure Level Transmitters
GIGO means "garbage in, garbage out." This phrase applies in industrial automation because using faulty measurements can fool even the best control system. One remedy that can help avoid a GIGO scenario is to understand the measurement technique and its limitations to the extent that its application can be reasonably evaluated. Read more.

User-Centered Design at Work
Does anyone actually use UCD in process control applications, and if so what are the challenges and benefits? Several companies employ it to great advantage, and some have been doing it for years. One reason that applications are widespread is because UCD isn't new. "User-centered design is just the latest fad term for human factors engineering (HFE)," said Dave Strobhar, chief human factors engineer at Beville Engineering. Read more.

Top 50 Automation Companies 2009
We called it "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" last year, as we noted that automation sales had remained strong while the rest of the economy had dropped into the pot. It didn't take long, however for the automation vendors to follow like lemmings over the recession cliff. Starting in the first quarter of 2009, sales softened and, in some cases, plummeted. Sales funnels vanished, and some companies began cutting and gutting in a frantic attempt to maintain profitability. Read more.

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WELCOME TO PLANTVILLE! Thank You Siemens. Now Go Out and Hook a Bunch of Kids on This Game!
In 2006, Walt Boyes began suggesting that one way to get ahead of the curve on the looming crisis of manpower shortages in the process industries was to get to young people before they go to college or trade school, and get them interested in manufacturing. Read more.

PID Loop Tuning Tips Pocket Guide
This eight-page publication was created to give engineers a short easy-to-use guide to tuning PID loops, and it includes a reference section that summarizes many of the more common controllers available. Download now.

Control/ARC 2010 Top 50
Automation Companies

Walt Boyes, editor of Control, and Larry O'Brien of ARC discuss the issues and the background of the annual Top 50 report.

Listen to this podcast.

Cartonn, Products

Controlotron's Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Sensicore's WaterPOINT 870 Optical Handheld Water Analysis System

Schneider Electric's SCADA Software

Siemens' High-Speed Industrial PCs

Opto 22’s PAC Display

Square D's PLC

Beckhoff Automation's Control Panel and Panel PC Series

Ametek Calibration Instruments' Jofra RTC-158

Moore Industries’ Universal 535 PID Process Controller

Software Horizons' GoToMyHMI Cloud-Based SaaS Service

Honeywell's Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS) R300