Automating Continuous Process Improvement


Continuous Improvement separates winners from losers. Your competition is making improvements every day, and you need to keep ahead of them to succeed. Unfortunately, if you are like most process manufacturers, you just don't have enough staffing. If only there was some way to automatically capture improvement opportunities.

New, automated methods are now driving continuous improvements at process manufacturing plants. These methods use process data, with automated analysis and automated diagnostics, that pinpoint improvements to process, equipment, and controls. These plants see significant results for operating cost, energy reduction, and quality improvement.

Continuous improvement requires a lot of data. A modern control system contains mountains of data describing the actual performance of a process operation. In fact, most control systems are automatically logging thousands of pieces of information, every second, and storing it in history.

But it is not being used! The bottleneck to continuous improvement has become the monitoring and analysis of these mountains of data. Most companies simply do not have enough highly skilled engineers to comb through the data, identify the best opportunities for improvement, diagnose, analyze, and prioritize the actions.

Download this white paper and see how using automated methods can drive continuous improvements at process manufacturing plants.