Experiences from Implementation of a Single DCS Solution Supplied by Multiple Module Skid Vendors and Utilizing the Principles of S88 as a Key Element

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The world of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries is becoming more and more complex. Business- production processes must be transparent in order to react quickly and accurate when necessary. Therefore engineering – and project execution methods for production facilities become more and more critical and demanding in order to achieve and realize safe pharmaceutical/biotechnology production. This paper will resume experiences (by examples) from a highly automated process plant (from the perspective of DCS/ process control) with well - structured collaborative engineering executions, procurement, construction management and validation, and management methods to meet above mentioned challenges. What seems simple or straight forward in theory (I.e. Standards and international guidelines) can become extremely difficult in reality, but for a multi vendor of process equipment project with a single DCS system it’s extremely important with precise project interpretation of standards/guidelines like S88 supported by well structured process – and automation oriented planning. In particular special focus will appear on global testing activities and strategies based on S88 principles, organized with multiple international process equipment skid vendors coordinated via one PCS vendor.

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