Batch Control Systems Market and User Requirements


Standards for batch control systems continue to be developed and incorporated into many current and new automation products. This effort is having significant impact on the increased growth of the global batch control systems market and the automation architecture of the next generation of process control systems. This paper will include current market sales, forecasts, and strategic issues involved in continuation of this growth. It also will include a discussion of additional user requirements obtained from a survey of users in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. It will offer recommendations to address these issues, as highlighted in ARC studies, "Batch Control Systems Market Study 2001" and "Batch Control Systems Market Study 2002." The papers also will address how batch standards, traceability, event management, and change control will become core functions “designed into” future automation systems architectures rather than incomplete add on functions to current systems.

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Author: John E. Blanchard, WBF

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