Repeated S88 Success Yields Cost Reductions at Large Consumer Products Company

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A large consumer products company was faced with implementing multiple new product lines to meet product demands. Using S88 models for batch process control across the multiple process and product lines this company was able to achieve a high degree of engineering re-use. Key elements in this success were teaming with the automation provider to achieve requirement definition and applying object-oriented design techniques. The state transition documentation allowed for ease of understanding and repeated application. The S88 models, applied to the process resulted in improved product quality and consistency, recipe flexibility and increased productivity. Engineering re-use allowed a significant reduction in the time to production for repeated application. Project Design and Implementation time also showed a significant reduction. Additional business benefit has been realized, through the application of S88 principles. This has come from capital cost and project risk reduction through reuse of tried-andtrusted components and improved manufacturing flexibility and faster introduction of new products.