C&O Methodology: Delivering Batch Plant Project Right First Time

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Implementation of ISA S88.01 Standard has delivered many benefits including improved control, reusability and a common language. Yet, many processes are unreliable, fragile and inconsistent. Some batch processes are seen as black art, and surrounded by myths. Why? The question is “Even if we are designing batch process control to specification, but is the specification correct?” This paper describes a systematic design methodology that ensures commissioning and project success, shortens time to market, and makes your process delivers consistently and reproducibly. Control and Operability Study (C&O) defines your process, from chemistry to automation sequences. It is a rigorous method for discovering the fundamental factors that affect performance, quality and operability, and delivering real benefits to batch operations. A trained moderator directs the study, breaks the barrier between chemists and engineers, and brings in knowledge of best practices. C&O has been applied to a wide range of batch processes. It has slashed the time to market for a finechemicals company, and resulted in 60% capacity increase and $1M profits for a personal-care company.