Layered security in plant control environments


rocess control vendors are migrating plant control technologies to more open network and operating environments such as Unix, Linux, Windows, Ethernet, and the Internet Protocol. Migrating plant controls to open network and operating environments exposes all layers of the computing environment to unauthorized access.

Layered security can be used to enhance the level of security for any computing environment. Layered security incorporates multiple security technologies in each computing layer to provide resistance to unauthorized intrusion, while reducing the risk of failure from a single technology. Layered security requires acceptance of a model, development of an access control plan, compartmentalization of the network, and implementation of core security products that address examination, detection, prevention, and encryption. Layered security is considered a “best practice” in any computing environment, and should be widely used in critical control environments. 

This White Paper explains how layered security can be accomplished by adopting a "best practices" model, developing and implementing an access control plan, and compartmentalizing the network.

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