Don't risk it! Use correct electrical measurement tools and procedures to minimize risk and liability

Is your company at risk?

Between five and ten times on any given day, arc flash explosions sufficient to send a burn victim to a special burn center take place in the U.S. These incidents and other less serious electrical accidents result in injury -- sometimes death -- lost work time, medical costs and insurance claims, downtime, the list goes on. The cost to both the victim, the victim’s family and the company involved, are high. Yet many of these accidents can be prevented. The combination of training, good measurement technique, and the use of proper tools can significantly reduce the chance of an accident occurring.

How would you answer the following questions?
1. Do you have a documented electrical measurement safety program?
2. Do you regularly inspect your electrical measurement equipment for damage that could imperil safety?
3. Do your workers involved in taking electrical measurements receive annual, intensive
training on how to work safely?
4. Does your organization insure that only properly rated test instruments are used in your

This resource kit is designed to help you develop an electrical measurement safety program that significantly reduces your risk.