Distributed firewall for SCADA and industrial networks


The sensitive nature of PLC and DCS devices requires a higher level of network segmentation and advanced defense solutions. This "special to the web" White Paper defines the problem and introduces a new approach to distributing a firewall throughout your SCADA and industrial networking environment.

OVER THE PAST few years, most companies with Critical Infrastructure controlled by SCADA, DCS, and other Process Control Systems have taken the approach to group all of their real-time systems in an environment called the PCN or Process Control Network, and try to keep that environment as separate and isolated as possible from the IT and Corporate Networks. While this concept is a move in the right direction, treating the PCN environment like a black box and trying to manage one firewall or cyber defense solution at the border with IT is not adequate to protect from changing external and internal threats. The sensitive nature of the PLC and DCS devices controlling the Critical Infrastructure assets require a higher level of network segmentation and advanced defense solutions not currently recommended or available through most security firms and IT vendors.

A new type of firewall is designed to be distributed throughout the SCADA environment, and this White Paper will describe what is unique about this new product, and compare it to common IT firewalls on the market now.

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