Shift your focus from analysis to optimization with AMCT

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This White Paper shows how the application of Active Model Capture Technology (AMCT) by a manufacturing plant’s problem-solving personnel reduces time wasted, and helps to focus the effort of these problem-solvers who must keep the process running at its best.

By George Buckbee, PE, ExperTune

PROCESS INDUSTRIES are scrambling to keep up with the increasing pressures of the global economy. There have been reductions in headcount, and more pressure to increase reliability, reduce cost, and increase productivity. More than ever, resources are focused on getting today’s product “out the door.” The most experienced resources, those who typically handle root-cause problem-solving and process improvement, have precious little time to investigate, prioritize, and analyze issues.

This White Paper is focused on leveraging the manufacturing plant’s problem-solving personnel. This includes Process Engineers, experienced operators, maintenance personnel, and management who keep the process running at its best and find ways to improve the process.

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