Collaborative Production Management in the process industries

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Understanding the stages and having a strong vision of where you need to go are essential first steps in adopting a staged approach to a successful Collaborative Production Management System.

By Mike Brown, M.A.Sc., P.Eng. Matrikon

ANY DISCUSSION about the use of plant operating data with plant management, operational staff or suppliers of plant information management systems will quickly spawn one of the following clichés:

  • “We need to make better use of data”
  • “We need easier access to the data”
  • “We need to get the right data into the hands of the right people, so they can make the right decisions”
  • “We need one version of the truth”
  • “Don’t just give me more data, give me more knowledge”

The clichés are right. We do need to improve our ability to make efficient use of our automation and plant information data system investments. But the questions are how and where is the value truly being delivered to the organization?

This call to action is being driven by reductions in resources, increased desire to maximize capacity utilization, the need to optimize operational performance, and the need to ensure that we are in compliance with company goals, targets and corporate responsibilities.

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