Security technologies for manufacturing and control systems


his ISA Technical Report provides recommendations and guidance for effectively using electronic security technology to protect manufacturing automation and control systems. It was developed by world-renowned cyber security and automation systems experts under the auspices of the ANSI accredited procedures of the ISA Standards and Practices Department.

Security Technologies for Manufacturing and Control Systems provides an evaluation and assessment of current types of electronic security technologies and tools that apply to the manufacturing and control systems environment (including development, implementation, operations, maintenance, engineering and other user services). It provides guidance to manufacturers, vendors, and security practitioners at end-user companies on the technological options for securing these systems against electronic (cyber) attack. 

The report describes several categories of security technologies, the types of products available in those categories, the pros and cons of using those products in the manufacturing and control systems environment, relative to expected threats and known vulnerabilities, along with preliminary recommendations and guidance for using those security technologies. Each technology is discussed in terms of:
•   Security Vulnerabilities Addressed by the Technology
•   Typical Deployment
•   Known Issues and Weaknesses
•   Assessment of Use in the Manufacturing and Control Systems Environment
•   Future Directions
•   Recommendations and Guidance
•   References

An additional non-cyber technology (physical security control) is an essential requirement for some aspects of cyber-security and is also discussed in this report.

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