Managing process control security risks


istorically, process control systems were designed and built using proprietary technologies and were isolated from ordinary IT systems. However, recent trends have been to base newer manufacturing and automation systems (like DCS and SCADA) on more cost-effective platforms (such as Intel/Windows). Furthermore, the increased thirst for management information and remote control has led to the adoption of common network protocols and the connection of many of these systems to the corporate IT network.

While these changes have certainly yielded many business benefits, they also mean that control systems now possess more security vulnerabilities and are increasingly exposed to the same threats faced by corporate networks – notably worms, viruses and malicious hacking.

This White Paper outlines the increasing vulnerability of process control systems and the reasons why standard IT security measures are insufficient to meet the challenge. It then sets out PA’s approach for improving process control security, as already successfully adopted by a global energy company.

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