Control system security: Understanding and use of current skills and technologies

This White Paper takes an approach to site network(s) and control system security based on the following principles:

  • View security from both management and technical perspectives 
  • Ensure security is addressed from both an IT and control system perspective 
  • Design and develop multiple layers of network, system and application security
  • Ensure industry, regulatory and international standards are taken into account
  • Prevention is critical in plant control systems, supported by detection

The first stage in building a solid defense against unwanted intrusion into business network and process control systems is to develop a security policy statement and then define the requirements to implement a secure process environment. Once security goals are clear, a detailed plan can be developed to the customer's needs.

Developing a prevention approach to plant control systems will require a new approach to network security between the plant network layer and business/external systems. This White Paper addresses the key network/topology areas for architecting plant and business network systems.

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