10 steps to solving cooling problems caused by high-density server deployment

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The 10 steps outlined in this paper describe ways to address the root causes of cooling inefficiency and under-capacity of the power density capability of your data center.

By Peter Hannaford, American Power Conversion

TO AVOID outright equipment failures, unexplained slowdowns, and shortened equipment life, it is becoming critically important to implement a regular health check regime to ensure that cooling equipment is operating within the design values of capacity, efficiency, and redundancy. This White Paper offers 10 solutions that allow data centers to cope with demands well in excess of the design capacity without major reconstruction. The steps are presented in rank order, with the simplest and most cost effective presented first. If the objective is to reach data center power density in excess of 6 kW per rack over a sustained area, then going directly to more extreme steps such as step 9 or step 10, bypassing the early steps, may be appropriate.

The steps outlined in this paper should help keep your data center operating at peak efficiency to maintain the business processes it supports and to prevent future problems.

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