Introduction to fieldbus

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This paper provides an understandable explanation of Foundation fieldbus H1 and Profibus PA, along with the advantages of using a fieldbus network.

From Moore Industries

Fieldbus is simple. So simple, you’ll wonder what all the fuss is all about. In this article, the authors stick to the two basic fieldbuses used in process control: Profibus PA and Foundation fieldbus H1. The paper covers how fieldbus works, shows how to connect instruments, and explains why—in most cases—you can’t connect all 32 instruments on a single fieldbus segment as all the advertising claims.

This white paper explains, in terms any engineer, technician or operator can understand, how fieldbus works. It strips away all the jargon and confusing terminology and explains:

  • The differences between FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 and PROFIBUS PA
  • The elements of fieldbus: H1/PA cards, power supplies, segments, trunks, device couplers and segment terminators
  • How fieldbus device couplers work
  • How fieldbus instruments connect to a segment
  • How short-circuit protection works, and why it sometimes doesn’t let you install 32 devices on a segment as the specifications claim
  • The issues involved in using fieldbus devices in hazardous areas
  • Methods for setting up a redundant fieldbus segment for critical instrumentation
  • Advantages of fieldbus networks