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  • Applied Alarm Management Using Six Sigma

    The Control article "Six Sigma Alarm Management" highlights an end user's experience applying Six Sigma practices to his alarm management effort. This white paper by TiPS, explores why Six Sigma is such a good companion for an alarm management program and outlines various ways Six Sigma can be incorporated into the alarm management workflow.

  • Process control system security technical risk assessment

    As enterprise systems evolve towards increasing integration, the need has increased for inherently secure process control systems. This research report describes an initial approach to PCS technical security risk assessment, with attention to the problem of effective risk communication. This document lays the foundation for advancement of a process that focuses on the methodical assessment of risk such that the assessment results will be readily and easily communicable.

    Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection
  • Applying NIST SP 800-53 to industrial control systems

    The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has established an Industrial Control System Security Project to improve the security of public and private sector Industrial Control Systems (ICSs).

  • Know where you are vulnerable

    In this online video presentation (.wmv, 4.77 MB), industrial security expert, Rick Kaun, explains the importance of industrial security, and how plants can ensure that all security threats, especially those most commonly overlooked, are addressed.

  • Introduction to fieldbus

    This paper provides an understandable explanation of Foundation fieldbus H1 and Profibus PA, along with the advantages of using a fieldbus network.

    Moore Industries
  • Control Valve Handbook, 4th Edition

    The Control Valve Handbook has been a primary reference since its first printing in 1965. This fourth edition presents vital information on control valve performance and the latest technologies.

    Emerson Process Management
  • The ins and outs of I/P transducers

    I/P transducers are relatively simple devices, but there are numerous factors to take into account before selecting one. This paper provides a complete understanding of the factors involved in making the correct product selection, installation, and maintenance.

    ControlAir Inc.
  • Five techniques for preventing unplanned downtime

    Alarm management is one of the most undervalued and underutilized facets of process automation today. This White Paper demonstrates the five most important alarm management techniques that can help you prevent unplanned downtime.

    Siemens E&A
  • Cost effective leak detection and repair

    As the population of valves and safety relief valves continues to grow so do leak detection and repair costs. New wireless technologies offer the potential to reduce these costs significantly while providing access to many new monitor points previously not accessible.

    Honeywell Process Solutions
  • How to find energy savings in process plants

    Process plants can make significant reductions in energy usage, with appropriate focus. This paper is focused on making your existing process run more efficiently and focuses on ensuring the optimum performance of your equipment, operations, and controls.

  • The real cause of alarm problems

    When considering the dizzying array of factors that influence alarm design and performance, it becomes clear that the alarm system is a hotly contested item. This technical paper notes the many factors that impact the performance of an alarm system and where alarm management fits in.

  • Cyber security procurement language for control systems

    This document summarizes important security principles that should be considered when designing and procuring control systems products (software, systems and networks), and provides example language to incorporate into specifications that address these concerns.

    Idaho National Laboratory
  • A new method for measuring viscosity

    This White paper describes new technology and product applications that are enabling process control solutions that weren't possible before. New dual-sensor technology puts engineers in control with a small device that can be placed in-line where fluid characteristics measurement is needed.

  • The evolution of PC bus technologies

    PCs running Microsoft Windows and other operating systems have worked their way into a wide variety of industrial applications, experiencing growth that outstrips competing solutions. As a result, the guts of a PC and the evolution of those components have become ever more important in automation. This White Paper provides an overview of Windows XP for embedded applications (boot options, communications and networking, memory management, protection, target system, and development tools).

  • Optimizing results in automation projects with simulation

    The use of the simulation systems for testing and training process automation projects has been proven to reduce time-to-market and increase business results. This White Paper shows how the same systems can be utilized in automation lifecycle management to reduce operational costs and improve product quality.

    Mynah Technologies
  • Control systems cyber security awareness

    This White Paper is the first installment in a series intended to provide relevant cyber security information to the control systems community. It raises cyber security awareness through discussion of control system cyber security trends and provides information on Homeland Security and federal partner programs designed to enhance the cyber security posture of control systems within critical infrastructures.

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