Take off to new heights in your legacy control systems migration programs

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There is a significant difference when it comes to birds and control systems from a perspective of migration. While some of the birds migrate back to its original place after the seasonal change, the reasons of migration does not change! This paper describes a successful approach towards migration of legacy control systems and draws analogy from the above for the purpose of illustration.

By Krishnakumar Nagarajan, Tata Consultancy Services Limited

In today’s world of economy of eroding margins, demanding customers, and increasing energy costs, manufacturers adopt various strategies to compete effectively. Process automation being a significant part of manufacturing systems; determine the effectiveness of these strategies. While leveraging today’s technology definitely helps, achieving manufacturing excellence in today’s global marketplace is not just about upgrading the control systems to the latest platforms. It is also about maximizing the value of the investment by addressing optimization and building flexibility for current and future operation requirements.