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  • Moving toward IT and controls engineering convergence

    This paper provides a current snapshot of the IT/controls dynamic based on interviews with more than 20 professionals in IT and manufacturing. Their feedback was the foundation for development of a maturity model that shows the three distinct paths and five stages of maturity for each of the major categories of issues: organizational, business process, technology deployment and results.

    Rockwell Automation
  • Justification and ROI of Safety Programs and Machine Safety Investment

    This papers talks about the cost of safety programs and systems that United States businesses have to pay. Learn about what would happen if your employees suffer accidents and there are inadequate safety measures in place? What if nothing happens?

    Rockwell Automation
  • Market Solution Brief

    The industrialized world relies on a broad spectrum of vital critical infrastructure sectors. In addition to physical safety and security, network security for critical infrastructure is crucial because of reliance on electronic systems for operational control.

  • Hazardous Locations A Primer

    This white paper serves to provide some information and guidance regarding area classifications and required approvals for electrical instrumentation.

  • The Challenge of Maximizing Service Availability and Security

    Nearly every product, service, application and data type is moving to an IP-based infrastructure. As a result, formerly isolated products in homogenous networks are embedded within heterogeneous deployments, resulting in dramatically larger and more complex attack surfaces that are exposed to a wide variety of potential attack sources.

    Mu Security
  • Nonlinear Control and Decision Making Using Fuzzy Logic in Logix

    This white paper explores fuzzy logic and how it helps engineers solve nonlinear control problems commonly found in process applications. Fuzzy logic, which mathematically emulates human reasoning, provides an intuitive way to design function blocks for intelligent control systems, advanced fault detection and other complex applications. Control systems deploying fuzzy logic can improve the management of uncertain variables, such as temperature fluctuations.

    Rockwell Automation
  • Using MODBUS for Process Control and Automation

    This whitepaper, written by Vince Marchant, a senior application engineer at Moore Industries, describes how Modbus works, and how it can be used in new and legacy process control and automation systems.

    Moore Industries, Vince Marchant
  • Sensitivity in GCMS

    The first and only question a customer has in mind when selecting a GCMS is: “How sensitive is it?”

    Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc.
  • Why WirelessHART? The Right Standard at the Right Time

    This paper summarizes key aspects of WirelessHART, including several of the design decisions that make it the right choice for wireless process automation. More detailed information is available at www.hartcomm.org.

    HART Communications
  • The Top 10 Worst Performing Alarm Systems in Industry

    Since 1994, PAS has benchmarked hundreds of alarm systems in various industrial markets around the world. From our project databases, this paper presents examples of the worst, most overloaded alarm systems encountered. In addition, the possible solutions to these problems are discussed.

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