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  • Market Solution Brief

    The industrialized world relies on a broad spectrum of vital critical infrastructure sectors. In addition to physical safety and security, network security for critical infrastructure is crucial because of reliance on electronic systems for operational control.

  • Justification and ROI of Safety Programs and Machine Safety Investment

    This papers talks about the cost of safety programs and systems that United States businesses have to pay. Learn about what would happen if your employees suffer accidents and there are inadequate safety measures in place? What if nothing happens?

    Rockwell Automation
  • Moving toward IT and controls engineering convergence

    This paper provides a current snapshot of the IT/controls dynamic based on interviews with more than 20 professionals in IT and manufacturing. Their feedback was the foundation for development of a maturity model that shows the three distinct paths and five stages of maturity for each of the major categories of issues: organizational, business process, technology deployment and results.

    Rockwell Automation
  • Safety instrumented systems (SIS) used for non-safety applications

    This paper shows how combining safety and non-safety functions in a safety instrumented system (SIS) is acceptable, and indeed practiced, in many facilities worldwide, and suggests eight implementation and testing precautions to follow so that a safe and reliable application can be anticipated.

    Premier Consulting Services
  • Factory acceptance testing with MiMiC

    There are a number of enabling technologies that support modern control systems, but the most significant is the use of simulation systems for application software acceptance testing.

    MYNAH Technologies
  • Industrial wireless: A WINA reality check

    This paper provides a current and unbiased assessment of All Things Industrial Wireless both past, current and near-term future.

    Invensys Process Systems
  • Data transaction efficiency in batch control: Eliminating the middle man

    This paper explores methods of moving data directly from the source to the final point of use, whether this is an operator console, a controller, or data archived on disk media, without passing through intermediate databases, applications, and other “middle men.”

    Jacobs Engineering
  • Take off to new heights in your legacy control systems migration programs

    There is a significant difference when it comes to birds and control systems from a perspective of migration. While some of the birds migrate back to its original place after the seasonal change, the reasons of migration does not change! This paper describes a successful approach towards migration of legacy control systems and draws analogy from the above for the purpose of illustration.

    Tata Consultancy Services Limited
  • Integrating control and safety: Where to draw the line

    Different vendors offer varied degrees of integration and solutions. The question is how to provide an integrated control and safety solution with advanced functionality and productivity, without compromising safety and security. So where do users draw the line? This white paper provides some answers.

    Invensys Triconex
  • Understanding OPC and how it is deployed

    This whitepaper is the first in a series on the security of OPC (OLE for Process Control) and focuses on providing an overview of the widely-used industrial communication standard and how it is actually used in industry.

    British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), Digital Bond and Byres Research
  • High bright displays: Get the picture

    This white paper will cover display technologies, indicate which is best for industrial applications, discuss market and technology trends, and finally make recommendations about what to look for in a display.

    Advantech, eAutomation Group
  • Thermal anchors improve temperature uniformity

    This white paper supports the case for the use of a thermal anchor for temperature uniformity over a range of temperatures, which can dramatically reduce design and development time while actually improving thermal performance in the process.

  • Security incidents and trends in the SCADA and process industries

    This report presents evidence in support of a business case for improving security of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), process control networks (PCN), and manufacturing and industrial automation systems based on an analysis of statistical trends in security incidents.

    Symantec Inc., and Byres Security Inc.
  • Effective modeling for nonlinear control

    This paper presents simulation results comparing Extrapolating Gain-Constrained Neural Networks (EGCN) to traditional neural network training methods, as well as to the recently proposed Bounded-Derivative Network (BDN).

  • Manufacturing excellence aided with predictive analytics

    NOVA Chemicals recently implemented a RPM decision support system to drive its manufacturing excellence program, resulting in improved decision making to influence plant capacity utilization.

    ARC Advisory Group
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