Boost Industrial Communications Security with OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA)


This whitepaper by Gregory Hale, editor and founder of Industrial Safety and Security Source, explores how OPC UA provides a secure information gateway that is changing the way information is transferred in automation environments.

OPC UA is a cross-platform, service-oriented architecture for process control that enhances security and provides an information model. It allows for secure communication during tunneling, which means data and vital information can pass through the tunnel and reach decision-makers quickly and securely. OPC UA completely eliminates the need for DCOM configuration. It also prevents applications from being exposed to unauthorized or anonymous users, since OPC UA does not require a VPN connection to securely transfer data.

Download the whitepaper to:
1. Learn more about OPC UA and secure tunneling;
2. Review the results of a Symantec report that reveals the operational consequences of security breaches, including downtime and revenue losses;
3. Understand the security advantages of transitioning from OPC DA to the OPC UA standard. Discover how Orange County, Fla., and the City of Orlando joined forces to develop a secure, integrated water reclamation program using OPC UA.

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