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  • Harness the Future of Innovation

    From the company's pledge to renew and improve its partnership with customers to how to migrating a DCS 1,600 feet below ground, the Yokogawa Users Conference and Exhibition in Houston covered emerging technologies and trends in process control engineering, management and implementations, as well as the year's new releases and upgrades in the company's extensive product lines. Here's what happened, in a series of first-hand accounts by Control's seasoned editorial staff.

  • Choosing the Optimal Pressure Sensor

    This white paper identifies different types pressure measurement devices and discusses when and why certain types are used in specific applications.

  • Tray Cables, a Practical Introduction

    The purpose of this article is to improve the understanding of tray cables by defining them, describing the five different types of tray cables and providing accepted uses and standards, including environmental considerations, for each of those types.

  • The Ten Commandments of Fiber Optics

    When planning for a successful fiber-optic network and cabling installation, several principles remain constant but often are overlooked. As a training manager for B&B Electronics, Susan Stanley sees how easy it is to overlook some of these principles. Here are her 10 things to remember about fiber optics.

    Susan Stanley, B&B Electronics
  • Big Data: Improving Decisions thru Smart Instrumentation

    Analyzing "Big Data" provides decision makers with tools to make better operational decisions impacting efficiency, costs, security, and ultimately contribute to greater profits. Download this white paper to learn the role of smart instrumentation, and find out how data is not only shaping business but changing the future of instrumentation

  • Wonderware Historian

    Wonderware Historian can easily be integrated to your HMIs so that within a few minutes, you can be collecting data, not throwing information away.

    Schneider Electric
  • Workforce Enablement

    Your Workforce Is Already Mobile. Now Give Them the Right Tools

    Schneider Electric
  • Don't Compromise on Your HMI

    Find out how a full featured embedded HMI for machines can improve operational agility and increase manufacturing performance with less effort. Machines delivered without a full featured HMI can cause operational issues such as lower operational agility, inability to continuously improve, decreased predictability, higher risk and increased total cost of ownership. A full featured embedded HMI can alleviate these issues by providing better information on the plant floor, along with greater connectivity and fast integration into your production system. Download the white paper to get more details on the new Wonderware solution to these problems.

    Schneider Electric
  • Designing a Control System for High Availability

    This paper will discuss redundant and non-redundant methods for achieving high availability of control systems, as well as improvements in control technology and recommended control system designs. The paper will also highlight features within the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture platform and ICS Triplex product lines that can help achieve higher availability.

    Rockwell Automation, ICS Triplex
  • Redundancy for OPC

    Redundancy in a process control system means that some or all of the system is duplicated, or redundant. The goal is to eliminate, as much as possible, any single point of failure. When a piece of equipment or a communication link goes down, a similar or identical component is ready to take over.

    Robert McIlvride, Andew Thomas, Cogent Real‐Time Systems Inc.
  • Smart Remote Connected Sites: Using Cellular Automation to Monitor and Control Assets

    Today's utilities operate in highly productive business environments that are very competitive. As such, they need to comply with stringent regulatory requirements to prevent downtime that may negatively impact customers. A slight failure of equipment can translate to immediate consequences from both a financial and safety perspective.

    Red Lion
  • An HMI Overview — Your Choice of Platform

    The Pro-face eBrochure provides a comprehensive overview of the Pro-face lineup, as well as detailed features of our powerful HMI development software GP-Pro EX. Easily browse on your tablet or PC. Part numbers, product data, pictures and educational videos--all right at your fingertips!

  • How Secure Is Your Network Data?

    In this Industry Essentials guide, Plant Services' editors explain the basics of network and security services.

    Plant Services
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