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  • Why Migrate Legacy Control Systems?

    Justifying automation projects today is extraordinarily difficult. Honeywell offers a wide range of migration options and is the only vendor that continues to support 30+ year-old control systems. These migration solutions provide access to up-to-date technology without having to "rip and replace."

    Honeywell Process Solutions
  • Top Five Missed Opportunities with HMI Alarms and Events

    With any new tech device, whether a cell phone or plant-floor controller, there is inevitably a helpful feature or two you overlooked while reading the manual or taking the introductory tutorial. Although these technological devices still perform their desired, basic functions - discovering an underutilized feature makes you wonder how you ever operated the device without it.

    Interacting with alarms is one of the basic functions your operators expect from their human-machine interface (HMI) software. However, if you're only using the standard alarming functions, you may be missing out on lesser-known features that could help you save time, ease troubleshooting and reduce headaches. The five FactoryTalk Alarms and Events functions listed below are often overlooked and underutilized. See where they fit and if you can find some hidden tools in your plant-floor applications.

    Tony Carrara, Rockwell Automation
  • Inside DCS Next: Straight Talk on DCS Migration

    Manufacturers have many questions on how to approach their DCS migration, and top automation engineers recently provided answers during a roundtable discussion — now available on video for you. Learn from the experts, get platform-independent advice and real-world answers to these questions and more:
    How do I get funding for my DCS migration?
    - Who are the stakeholders, and how should they be engaged?
    - How does up-front planning impact total project cost?
    - Why should I bother with a migration if my plant is running?
    - How do I objectively evaluate vendor capabilities?

    Maverick Technologies
  • Reduce Energy Costs and Enhance Emissions Monitoring Systems

    The thermal mass flow meter's ability to deliver a direct reading of mass flow rates of air, natural gas and other fuel gases provides a simple, reliable, and costeffective method for tracking and reporting fuel consumption.

    Accurate, repeatable measurement of air and gas, at low and varying flow rates, is also a critical variable in combustion control. Conventional flow meters require pressure and temperature transmitters to compensate for density changes. The thermal mass flow meter, however, measures gas mass flow directly, with no need for additional hardware. The thermal meter also provides better rangeability and a lower pressure drop than orifices, venturis, or turbine meters.

    Energy prices are subject to frequent and abrupt changes and fluctuations. When energy prices are high, daily accounting of natural gas usage should be made a priority for large industrial facilities with multiple processes and/or buildings. Fuel gas flow meters are used to analyze demand, improve operating efficiency, reduce waste and adjust for peak usage. Thermal mass flow meters are frequently used for these energy-accounting applications. In addition, thermal flow meters can help plant managers provide accurate usage reports for environmental compliance, as well as compare measured usage to billing reports from gas providers.

    Rich Cada, Fox Thermal Instruments, Inc.
  • Understanding RS-422 and RS-485 Data Communications Systems

    This ebook describes the main elements of RS-422 and RS-485 data communications systems. The authors have provided enough technical details so that personnel can be successful in designing, modifying or troubleshooting an RS-422 or RS-485 data communications system.

    B&B Electronics
  • Energy Efficiency: How Everyone Can Generate Negawatts

    Most companies are accustomed to buying energy, however unpleasant the process may be. Organizations can now generate another product to add to their portfolio, the Negawatt. Very few corporations today are without energy and emission reduction initiatives, but few are taking advantage of the low-hanging energy efficiency opportunities that are not discussed in the investor conference calls. Is your mobile workforce equipped with the right toolset to help generate Negawatts today? Energy efficiency gains are not simply a one-time savings; they represent a recurring opportunity which can be realized monthly. Learn more in this white paper.

  • OPC Redundancy -- Power of Prevention

    Although the stability of off-the-shelf computer hardware and operating systems has improved significantly over the last few years, system failures can and still do occur. A proper redundant OPC architecture can prevent these component failures from leading to loss of control or a disruption of electrical service. In order to ensure the constant operation of their OPC applications, industry leaders turn to OPC vendors and products such as MatrikonOPC that provide mission-critical redundancy.

  • Connect Building Automation Systems to the Enterprise

    Communicating To the Enterprise Isn't Science Fiction. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to transport any object across great distances almost instantly? In the building automation systems of today's buildings and facilities, real-time information does just that. A modern building management system monitors and operates all technical facilities. Managing these data sources ensures optimal building performance by enabling control of building systems in an integrated manner. However enterprise facility management requires more than just building automation control systems. Download this white paper to learn how you can improve the design and operation of building processes, reducing emissions and improving energy usage, by connecting building automation systems to the enterprise using OPC.

  • Justification for Migration

    The first step in migrating to a new automation system is often financial justification. Learn to accurately analyze the total cost of ownership for continued operation on an outdated DCS and how to justify the benefits of replacing it with a new system.

    Rockwell Automation
  • The 10 Essential Elements of a Successful DCS Migration

    Need to upgrade your DCS soon? You're not alone. A recent study shows that 68% of control engineers plan to upgrade within the next six months. And it's safe to say that most of them experience fear, uncertainty and doubt about how to move forward. That's why we've developed this list of what it takes to guarantee success for your DCS migration.

    Maverick Technologies
  • Improving Calibration with HART Diagnostics

    The widespread use of digital instrumentation with a digital communications protocol calls for new thinking about the traditional tools used by technicians for instrument maintenance and calibration. HART protocol instrumentation is by far the most used of this type of system. The HART Maintenance Device would be just such a tool, providing basic communications and diagnostic capabilities to support the maintenance and troubleshooting of HART instruments.

    Martel Electronics
  • RS-485 -- A Proud Legacy

    Serial digital communications have been one of the strongest backbones of technology, from computer backplanes to industrial control, and they show no sign of being replaced soon. In this white paper, Advantech discusses the serial data communications family of RS-232/422 and 485. It's a proud legacy.

  • HMI Software Library

    Download a complete solution library full of HMI-product demos, brochures, datasheets and success stories, including the ARC white paper, "HMI Platforms Evolve to Become Key Automation Solution Components."

  • Using Video for Security, Compliance, Control and Monitoring

    You can't be everywhere at once, but video lets you be where you want to be. In the last ten years, two new technologies have made it possible to solve the problem of how to be everywhere at once, without the people to do it. They are digital video and wireless technology. Register once to receive this series of e-Books on security, beginning with "Using Video for Security, Compliance, Control and Monitoring."

  • Automating Continuous Process Improvement

    Want more profitable plants? Want to beat your competition like a big bass drum? You need a way to capture process improvement opportunities before your competition does. But it's hard to drain the swamp when you're fighting with the alligators of lean staffing, long intervals between shutdowns, and you're running too fast to think. What if there were a way to automate the process of identifying continuous process improvements that you CAN make? Download this white paper and see how using automated methods can drive continuous improvements at process manufacturing plants.

  • Distillation Control and Optimization Ebook

    In this 43-page eBook, Bela Liptak, control and safety consultant and editor of the Instrument Engineer's Handbook, describes the state of the art for controlling and optimizing the distillation process.

    United Electric Controls
  • Optimizing Server Performance

    Users must understand how to optimize server performance regardless of using an OPC client or a native interface for connection. In this white paper, learn more about:
    - Issues that affect performance, and suggestions for resolution.
    - How communications occur between the server and device.
    - How the project's configuration affects the way the device communicates.

  • OPC UA: 5 Things Everyone Needs To Know

    February 2009 marked the final release of the OPC Unified Architecture (UA) Phase One Deliverables. The more people hear about OPC UA, the more questions that seem to arise. What exactly is OPC UA and what does it mean to me? When will products be ready? Can my people implement it and should they be doing it now? Not to mention questions about security, scalability and backwards compatibility.

    OPC UA covers a wide range of topics and functionality, but what people really want to know is: What is it, how does it help me, and where can I get it? These questions are best summed up in the five things everyone needs to know about OPC UA.

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