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  • Batch Modeling in Pharma Industry: The Role of the Engineering Company

    The S88.01 rule is today a well accepted standard all over the world: all qualified engineers involved in the design of a batch control system are getting familiar with the terminology and models therein described. The focus is now on the implementation. As a matter of fact, the S88.01 standard is not a prescriptive guideline. This means that engineers must define, for each project, which documents are to be produced, by whom and with which formalisms.

    Valerio Sala
  • Exception Handling for Optimal Batch Production

    This paper supports the application of an “Intelligent” exception handling strategy, which helps to provide maximum business benefit and optimum batch production. Incorrect or incomplete design of the exception handling philosophy for a batch control system can have a detrimental effect to the batch process performance, including both the batch quality and processing time. Even though most people would agree with this, exception handling is often an area of batch control system design not always given the level of attention it duly requires, even though it can have such a significant impact.

    Paul J. Marriott BEng, CEng, MIEE, WBF
  • Data transaction efficiency in batch control: Eliminating the middle man

    This paper explores methods of moving data directly from the source to the final point of use, whether this is an operator console, a controller, or data archived on disk media, without passing through intermediate databases, applications, and other “middle men.”

    Jacobs Engineering
  • Implementing a manufacturing execution system

    This paper describes how the Chevron Chemical Oak Point plant used production and batch management software and the S88 methodology to implement a manufacturing execution system (MES) to manage the full life-cycle of production work orders.

    Chevron Chemical
  • Statistical process monitoring of industrial batch processes

    This White Paper summarizes the findings from three case studies involving the application of multivariate statistics to batch processes, and provides a comparison of different approaches to monitoring batch process operations.

    World Batch Forum
  • Alarms management: Priority, floods, tears or gain?

    This “special to the web” White Paper explains how alarms historically have been viewed as an entity in and of themselves with little thought given to human factors, and how they might help an operator investigate the root cause of why irrelevant alarms obscure more critical alarms.

  • Benchmarking for success in the pharmaceutical industry

    Benchmarking gives automation professionals the opportunity to exchange non-competitive information and compare how we automated our batch processes with other users in the pharmaceutical industry.

    Eli Lilly and Company
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