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  • Don't Compromise on Your HMI

    Find out how a full featured embedded HMI for machines can improve operational agility and increase manufacturing performance with less effort. Machines delivered without a full featured HMI can cause operational issues such as lower operational agility, inability to continuously improve, decreased predictability, higher risk and increased total cost of ownership. A full featured embedded HMI can alleviate these issues by providing better information on the plant floor, along with greater connectivity and fast integration into your production system. Download the white paper to get more details on the new Wonderware solution to these problems.

    Schneider Electric
  • Building an HMI That Works

    New Best Practices for Operator Interface Design. What's wrong with most operator interfaces today, and how can they be improved? Downlown this white paper and learn three concepts and 14 ways to build an operator interface that works.

    Opto 22
  • An HMI Overview — Your Choice of Platform

    The Pro-face eBrochure provides a comprehensive overview of the Pro-face lineup, as well as detailed features of our powerful HMI development software GP-Pro EX. Easily browse on your tablet or PC. Part numbers, product data, pictures and educational videos--all right at your fingertips!

  • HMI Mobility: Remote Access, Any Time, Any Place

    The benefits of remote access for manufacturing operations are widely known and accepted. This article details how modern SCADA systems are providing this access in a variety of ways to all manner of fixed and portable computing platforms and other devices.

  • HMI and Industrial PC Solutions

    This e-catalog offers multiple solutions that help with the creation of HMI applications and the ability to monitor and control operator interfaces remotely on an enterprise-wide data collecting and sharing solution.

  • Pro-face Remote HMI

  • Efficient - See machine information anywhere.

  • Effective - Monitor multiple machines' status using one Pro-face Remote HMI.

  • Easy Set Up - Set up and activate quickly using Pro-face GP-Pro EX (v3.1 or later) software.

  • Interactive - Monitor and control your HMI from your tablet or smart phone (data input, send work instructions, etc.).

  • Pro-face Remote HMI allows you to check machines and equipment for alarms, operating status and other information using a tablet or smartphone from anywhere on the factory floor.

  • Applying Color Science to Design Effective Human-Machine Interfaces

    Human operators are a key part of any process control system. As such, they constitute part of a complex, causal chain of overall system processing. Human machine interfaces (HMIs) form a key link in that chain by bridging the physical world where processes reside with the perceptual reconstruction and representation of those processes in the heads of human operators and supervisors.

    If an HMI design gives rise to a flawed or inaccurate representation of a process, then error and suboptimal task performance may result. HMIs have become increasingly important links in this chain for two reasons. First, the arrival of distributed control systems (DCS) in the 1970s distanced operators from the physical entities they controlled, requiring all interaction be mediated by HMIs. Second, the ongoing introduction of complex automation into process control is increasingly changing human operators into supervisors. Supervision has complex decision-making requirements that must all be conveyed via HMIs.

    Download this entire white paper to learn more.

    Dirk Beer, Harvey Smallman, Cindy Scott, Mark Nixon
  • Beyond HMI – Evolved Solutions Bring Significant New Rewards

    With today's technology shift, the very concept of HMI has evolved so far beyond its roots that the "HMI" label seems inadequate. Today's evolved and expanded HMI facilitates communication in multiple directions, empowering people to engage with historians, web services, enterprise systems, engineering stations, maintenance departments and operators in the control room. Whether it's getting production numbers to management or financial data to plant personnel, information gets where it's needed to support decisions that enhance operations, safety and profitability. Download this informative e-Guide and learn more about what you should demand from your "HMI" solution. Register now to download.

  • HMI Software Library

    Download a complete solution library full of HMI-product demos, brochures, datasheets and success stories, including the ARC white paper, "HMI Platforms Evolve to Become Key Automation Solution Components."

  • SNMP - The Solution to the Problem You are About to Consider Very Important!

    Simple network management protocol (SNMP) is a communications protocol built into most of the IT infrastructure around us. From printers to UPS systems, routers and the PCs we use in automation, virtually everything in the IT world supports SNMP communications. It is already there, waiting for your use. And, it is supported over the Ethernet you are already using. The plant engineer has been leveraging this type of functionality with automation equipment for years! All that is needed is the addition of another communication driver or two, enabling the integration of IT infrastructure equipment via SNMP, with the other protocols currently being monitored by your existing HMI/SCADA. The return on this investment is likely to be the lowest hanging fruit that you'll find for a long time.

  • Solutions for Multiple HMI Applications

    Case studies offer real life success stories specific to a client's needs. From HMI scanner solutions to HMI vision inspection solutions, here you can review and learn more about how Pro-face has helped companies similar to yours.

  • The Role of the Human-Machine Interface in OEE Initiatives

    In order to drive continuous improvement and increase productivity, manufacturers are implementing real-time performance management (RtPM) systems into their processes. Manufacturers who want RtPM systems for OEE reporting and automated collection of downtime events will find that human machine interfaces (HMIs) can be a valuable tool to pilot new initiatives, connect different islands of automation, bridge the plant floor to the office, and engage operators in the continuous improvement process.

  • Expanding the Use of Smart Operator Panels

    The evolution of operator interfaces has moved quite far beyond the push button era. In this white paper, Advantech takes a detailed look at smart operator panels.

  • Analysis of the ICONICS GENESIS Security Vulnerabilities for Industrial Control System Professionals

    A number of previously unknown security vulnerabilities in the ICONICS GENESIS32 and GENESIS64 products have been publically disclosed. The release of these vulnerabilities included proof-of-concept (PoC) exploit code.

    While we are currently unaware of any malware or cyber attacks taking advantage of these security issues, there is a risk that criminals or political groups may attempt to exploit them for either financial or ideological gain.

    The products affected, namely GENESIS32 and GENESIS 64 are OPC Web-based human-machine interface (HMI) / Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. They are widely used in critical control applications including oil and gas pipelines, military building management systems, airport terminal systems, and power generation plants.

    Of concern to the SCADA and industrial control systems (ICS) community is the fact that, though these vulnerabilities may initially appear to be trivial, a more experienced attacker could exploit them to gain initial system access and then inject additional payloads and/or potentially malicious code. At a minimum, all these vulnerabilities can be used to forcefully crash system servers, causing a denial-of-service condition. What makes these vulnerabilities difficult to detect and prevent is that they expose the core communication application within the GENESIS platform used to manage and transmit messages between various clients and services.

    This White Paper summarizes the current known facts about these vulnerabilities. It also provides guidance regarding a number of possible mitigations and compensating controls that operators of SCADA and ICS systems can take to protect critical operations.

    Learn more about Tofino at www.tofinosecurity.com/blog

    Eric Byres, P. Eng., ISA Fellow, Joel Langill, CEH, CPT, CCNA, Tofino Security | SCADAhacker.com
  • Best Practices for Facilitating Engineering Workflow

    Process engineering focuses on the design, operation and maintenance of chemical and material processes in a vast range of industries. This white paper identifies process simulation tools to seamlessly integrate throughout the process design life cycle and discusses best practices for facilitating engineering workflow.

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