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  • Optimized Performance Throughout System Lifecycle with Integrated Safety Systems

    Amidst the continued heated discussion on the pros and cons of integrated safety systems market demand -- driven by the pursuit of reduced cost, operational excellence and engineering efficiencies -- continue to fuel the inevitable integration efforts. This white paper will discuss integrated safety system solutions.

  • Getting the Most Out of Your Wastewater Biosolids

    Wastewater treatment facilities are generally installed for one purpose - to clean up dirty water so that clean water can be discharged back into the environment. Nearly all municipal treatment plants rely on biological processes for wastewater treatment whereby bacteria and other microorganisms, frequently called 'bugs,' do this job of cleaning up the water.

  • Yokogawa User Group: Integrated Solutions for a Sustainable Future

    Halloween in New Orleans this year saw more than the usual array of costumed revelers on Bourbon Street. Indeed, hundreds of process automation professionals descended on the Crescent City to exchange ideas and best practices at Yokogawa's 2012 User Group Conference and Exhibition. The Control editorial team was on hand and developed this exclusive report of presentation highlights--on topics ranging from safety system risk management to the latest in data acquisition technology.

    Control Global Staff
  • Six Best Practices for Wind Farm Operation

    A high-speed, industrial-grade network infrastructure offers wind farm operators many benefits, including improved operational management, visibility and access to key data. Real-time data access enables operators to monitor wind turbine uptime, performance and power output – even from remote locations. This data, which is used to track power generation efficiency and trends, provides predictive information that is critical to "Smart Grid" technology. After describing a typical wind farm environment, this white paper will explore six best practices that should be considered for effective wind farm operation. It will also discusses how to use industrial Ethernet switches to assure maximum uptime.

    Red Lion
  • DCS Migration Strategy and Implementation

    There are four main strategic decisions you should consider before upgrading your outdated Distributed Control System (DCS) to a new automation system. Download this paper to learn how to define your migration strategy and make the switch with as little risk as possible.

  • Invest in Process Controls and See the Benefits

    In this new paper, F. Greg Shinskey offers more than a dozen practical ways to reduce cost with process control. These are not theoretical examples, but specific cases from real plants. Learn from one of the masters in the field of process control and see how your plant can benefit today.

  • Reduce Energy Costs and Enhance Emissions Monitoring Systems

    The thermal mass flow meter's ability to deliver a direct reading of mass flow rates of air, natural gas and other fuel gases provides a simple, reliable, and costeffective method for tracking and reporting fuel consumption.

    Accurate, repeatable measurement of air and gas, at low and varying flow rates, is also a critical variable in combustion control. Conventional flow meters require pressure and temperature transmitters to compensate for density changes. The thermal mass flow meter, however, measures gas mass flow directly, with no need for additional hardware. The thermal meter also provides better rangeability and a lower pressure drop than orifices, venturis, or turbine meters.

    Energy prices are subject to frequent and abrupt changes and fluctuations. When energy prices are high, daily accounting of natural gas usage should be made a priority for large industrial facilities with multiple processes and/or buildings. Fuel gas flow meters are used to analyze demand, improve operating efficiency, reduce waste and adjust for peak usage. Thermal mass flow meters are frequently used for these energy-accounting applications. In addition, thermal flow meters can help plant managers provide accurate usage reports for environmental compliance, as well as compare measured usage to billing reports from gas providers.

    Rich Cada, Fox Thermal Instruments, Inc.
  • Energy Efficiency: How Everyone Can Generate Negawatts

    Most companies are accustomed to buying energy, however unpleasant the process may be. Organizations can now generate another product to add to their portfolio, the Negawatt. Very few corporations today are without energy and emission reduction initiatives, but few are taking advantage of the low-hanging energy efficiency opportunities that are not discussed in the investor conference calls. Is your mobile workforce equipped with the right toolset to help generate Negawatts today? Energy efficiency gains are not simply a one-time savings; they represent a recurring opportunity which can be realized monthly. Learn more in this white paper.

  • How to Make 20th-Century Control Systems Work for a 21st-Century Manufacturing Enterprise

    Pundits have been predicting the death of manufacturing in North America and western Europe for decades. It hasn't happened yet, and it probably won't happen at all. The markets and the manufacturing capacity are so large it seems certain that manufacturing in North America and western Europe will continue.

    While it may be true that manufacturing in the First World is becoming more competitive, this isn't a passive phenomenon. Companies that offer innovative product development, manufacturing operations and business practices are more able to respond to changes in business conditions on a global basis than companies that believe they are world-class and thus don't have to change.

    To stay competitive in the global market, all your systems must be integrated to produce the least possible friction as materials become products and move to distribution. Friction occurs when systems don't talk to one another easily or simply don't interface well at all - and it costs money. It's time to take a fresh look at your manufacturing operations, from supply chain to distribution channels, and make sure they are all integrated, both horizontally with each other as well as vertically to the business systems of the enterprise. And during that fresh look, you need to look at your existing manufacturing assets.

    In the First World, it is simply not possible to knock down existing plants and build new ones from a green field. When you develop your strategic agility plan, a big part of it is going to be making all your existing assets work together in an integrated fashion.

    Are you going to be "quick" or "dead"? Download this white paper to learn how you can take your manufacturing processes to the next level

    Maverick Technologies
  • The 10 Essential Elements of a Successful DCS Migration

    Need to upgrade your DCS soon? You're not alone. A recent study shows that 68% of control engineers plan to upgrade within the next six months. And it's safe to say that most of them experience fear, uncertainty and doubt about how to move forward. That's why we've developed this list of what it takes to guarantee success for your DCS migration.

    Maverick Technologies
  • Visual Management

    Kaizen, lean manufacturing, six-sigma, total quality management, continuous improvement - all of these terms refer to the efforts of companies as they strive to become more competitive in a global economy. While various strategies are implemented in order to improve productivity, they all have two things in common: the collection of key performance indicators (KPIs) and the communication of those KPIs to the people who can most affect improvement. This data however, doesn't do any good unless everyone can see it and that's where visual management comes into play. Download this white paper to learn how visual management techniques can be deployed very quickly, without a huge investment in software or changes to existing processes. Learn how visual management can increase your company's profitability.

    Red Lion
  • Five Ways to Improve Safety and Profitability without Disrupting Operations

    Process industries are inherently hazardous, and maintaining safety in processes and operations has become increasingly complex and costly. With both safety and financial concerns being a high priority, those in the process industry sometimes struggle to reconcile them. This white paper shows you how you can.

  • Distillation Control and Optimization Ebook

    In this 43-page eBook, Bela Liptak, control and safety consultant and editor of the Instrument Engineer's Handbook, describes the state of the art for controlling and optimizing the distillation process.

    United Electric Controls
  • Automating Continuous Process Improvement

    Continuous Improvement separates winners from losers. Your competition is making improvements every day, and you need to keep ahead of them to succeed. Unfortunately, if you are like most process manufacturers, you just don't have enough staffing. If only there was some way to automatically capture improvement opportunities.

    New, automated methods are now driving continuous improvements at process manufacturing plants. These methods use process data, with automated analysis and automated diagnostics, that pinpoint improvements to process, equipment, and controls. These plants see significant results for operating cost, energy reduction, and quality improvement.

    Continuous improvement requires a lot of data. A modern control system contains mountains of data describing the actual performance of a process operation. In fact, most control systems are automatically logging thousands of pieces of information, every second, and storing it in history.

    But it is not being used! The bottleneck to continuous improvement has become the monitoring and analysis of these mountains of data. Most companies simply do not have enough highly skilled engineers to comb through the data, identify the best opportunities for improvement, diagnose, analyze, and prioritize the actions.

    George Buckbee, P.E., ExperTune, Inc.
  • Optimizing Server Performance

    Users must understand how to optimize server performance regardless of using an OPC client or a native interface for connection. In this white paper, learn more about:
    - Issues that affect performance, and suggestions for resolution.
    - How communications occur between the server and device.
    - How the project's configuration affects the way the device communicates.

  • Improving Energy Efficiency of Brownfield Plants

    Reducing the carbon footprint brought on by plant inefficiencies and population growth and over-consumption, with the goals of reducing plant costs, achieving energy efficiency and security, and abating greenhouse gases (GHGs) -- of which carbon dioxide (CO2) is the main culprit -- are the challenges faced by today's leading industrial producers. This paper will explore effective ways to produce energy more cost effectively, purchase energy more economically and reduce overall energy usage, contributing to significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Power Up Your Plant

    Often referred to as electrical integration, integrated process and power automation is a new system integration architecture and power strategy that addresses the needs of the process and power generation industries. This paper discusses how a single integrated system can increase energy efficiency; improve plant uptime and lower life cycle costs.

  • Remote Monitoring Helped Cellu Tissue Reduce Maintenance Costs

    In today's competitive pulp and paper industry, mills must find ways to reduce costs if they are to improve their business performance. As operating expenses are on the rise, service and support programs are becoming more scrutinized. Maintenance effectiveness is a key objective to reduce these costs--without the eventual impact on production that occurs by simply slashing budgets. In this white paper, learn how remote monitoring helps to lower maintenance costs.

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