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  • Exchange Reporter: Highlights of the 2014 Emerson Global Users Exchange

    From inspiring keynotes to the latest system and product innovations to award-winning applications for reliability, wireless, quality and productivity, here's comprehensive coverage of the highlights of Emerson Exchange 2014, reported by the most experienced team in process control.

    Emerson Process Management
  • Essentials of the Connected Enterprise

    This next in Control's Essentials series, "Essentials of the Connected Enterprise" provides industrial automation professionals with up-to-date information on the advances in communications and computing technology.

    Control Global
  • Defending Against the Dragonfly Cybersecurity Attack Part B – Analyzing the Malware

    The age of malware specifically targeting industrial control systems (ICS) began in 2010 when Stuxnet1 was revealed to be disrupting operations at one of Iran’s nuclear enrichment facilities. Recently, a sophisticated malware, known as Dragonfly by some and Energetic Bear by others, was discovered executing cyber espionage on industrial facilities. This white paper analyzes the Dragonfly malware campaign, looking at its targets, its methods of attacks, its results and what it means for defending operations from similar attacks with the goal of improving cyber resilience.

  • How Secure Is Your Network Data?

    In this Industry Essentials guide, Plant Services' editors explain the basics of network and security services.

    Plant Services
  • Workforce Enablement

    Your Workforce Is Already Mobile. Now Give Them the Right Tools

    Schneider Electric
  • The Ten Commandments of Fiber Optics

    When planning for a successful fiber-optic network and cabling installation, several principles remain constant but often are overlooked. As a training manager for B&B Electronics, Susan Stanley sees how easy it is to overlook some of these principles. Here are her 10 things to remember about fiber optics.

    Susan Stanley, B&B Electronics
  • Three Reasons SCADA Software Is Going Nowhere

    Discover the top 3 reasons SCADA software can hold you back, what technological advancements you can use to get ahead, and how merging SCADA and IT can have a powerful effect on your company.

    Inductive Automation
  • Wireless Security for Water/Wastewater Networks

    Wireless technologies have been used for decades in the water/waste water industry in a multitude of applications including tank level indication, pump and motor control, flow and pressure monitoring, etc. However, recent concerns regarding the potential for hacking and cyber-attacks into these wireless systems have raised the importance of wireless security to a new high. This paper will discuss security issues within an Industrial Wireless Network, and address the ways in which these networks can be designed to be more reliable while being more secure.

    Elpro Technologies, Eaton/Cooper Bussmann
  • Wireless Technology in Industrial Automation

    The use of wireless technology in industrial automation systems offers a number of potential benefits, from the obvious cost reduction brought about by the elimination of wiring to the availability of better plant information, improved productivity and better asset management.

  • WirelessHART Technology e-Book

    Everywhere we turn, wireless technology has a meaningful impact in our lives, and now Pepperl+Fuchs has taken full advantage of this technology by developing WirelessHART solutions for industrial applications. The WirelessHART solution is flexible and efficient -- especially in remote locations. It reduces cost and time by integrating field devices into wireless structures, and it prevents workers from going into potentially hazardous locations.

  • Hacking the Industrial Network

    Industrial control networks are highly vulnerable to intelligent remote attacks, as well as non-intelligent viruses. With threats to these networks increasing in complexity and scope, decision makers need to take action before it's too late.

    Phoenix Contact
  • Analysis of 3S CoDeSys Security Vulnerabilities for Industrial Control System Professionals

    This White Paper explains:

    • What the 3S CoDeSys vulnerabilities are and what an attacker can do with them
    • How to find out what control/SCADA devices are affected
    • The risks and potential consequences to SCADA and control systems
    • The compensating controls that will help block known attack vectors

    A number of security vulnerabilities in the CoDeSys Control Runtime System were disclosed in January 2012. In October 2012, fully functional attack tools were also released to the general public.

    While CoDeSys is not widely known in the SCADA and ICS field, its product is embedded in many popular PLCs and industrial controllers. Many vendors are potentially vulnerable, and include devices used in all sectors of manufacturing and infrastructure. As a result, there is a risk that criminals or political groups may attempt to exploit them for either financial or ideological gain.

    This White Paper summarizes the currently known facts about these vulnerabilities and associated attack tools. It also provides guidance regarding a number of mitigations and compensating controls that operators of SCADA and ICS systems can take to protect critical operations.

  • Industrial Wireless e-Books

    Access Apprion's e-books on industrial wireless technology and learn about industrial monitoring software and equipment, wireless network systems and wireless safety. Any or all four e-books listed below can be downloaded.
    - Using Video for Security, Compliance, Control and Monitoring
    - A Guide to Managing Industrial Wireless Networks
    - How to Improve Safety at Your Plant with Wireless
    - Wireless Systems: Make Non-Traditional Measurements Possible
    Learn how wireless safety applications mean less risk and more rewards at lower costs.

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