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on 'Safety Instrumented Systems'

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  • The 10 truths of safety instrumented systems

    Here are the 10 truths that will make you better able to engineer a new safety instrumented system, or to properly grandfather your existing system and better ensure your compliance with both the IEC standards and ANSI/ISA S84.00.01-2004.

    Invensys Triconex
  • IEC 61508 and Functional Safety System Selection

    This paper provides an introduction to IEC 61508, describes an illustrative application example using the MOST SafetyNet System, and offers parameters that should be considered when choosing a safety instrumented system.

  • Alarm reduction using Exaplog: A case study

    By reducing the number of alarms and enabling the audible alarming function of its control system, GFS Computing was able to restore audible alarming on half of its operator consoles, leading to tangible, measurable improvements in productivity, safety, and cost-reduction.

    GFS Consulting
  • Initiatives in strategic alarm management

    The inability to effectively manage control system alarms has been a long tolerated issue in the continuous process industry. This White Paper provides detail behind a solution to the total alarm management problem that takes into account the key elements and directly targets the real issues.

  • A path forward for DCS alarm management

    Despite the recent industry focus on higher-level solutions, substantive technical challenges still abound in DCS alarm management. The reasons, importance, and solutions for the problem of alarm management are the subject of this White Paper.

    Plant Automation Services
  • Improve your alarm systems

    This safety information bulletin from the Energy Institute describes a practical approach that has been used to improve alarm systems at a petroleum refinery and to reduce the burden on operators caused by alarms. Guidance is available on the problems with alarms and what measures to take to improve alarm systems.

    Energy Institue
  • The pros and cons of alarm management projects

    Although a lot of alarm management projects start and fail due to poor understanding of the scope of the probelm, lack of resources or money, loss of momentum, and no identifiable return on investment, the real key to success is to establish responsibility.

    User Centered Design Services
  • Alarms management: Priority, floods, tears or gain?

    This “special to the web” White Paper explains how alarms historically have been viewed as an entity in and of themselves with little thought given to human factors, and how they might help an operator investigate the root cause of why irrelevant alarms obscure more critical alarms.

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