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  • Migration is Key to Support & Transform Legacy Industrial Infrastructure (Local & Distributed) to IP-Based Networks

    Many industrial networks are based on the EIA-485 or RS-485 communication standard. As industrial systems and products rapidly move to IP-based Ethernet networks, RS-485 network operators face complex and expensive obstacles in the transition from RS-485 serial communication to Ethernet communication infrastructure. In this white paper, PCN introduces IP-485, an open standard approach to modernization of RS-485-based industrial automation and distributed control infrastructure, allowing instant connectivity to the Cloud, without impacting security and reliability. With IP-485, users can keep their RS-485 network and get Ethernet networks on the same cabling already installed!

  • Leveraging KEPServerEX and Kepware's New Security Policies Plug-In to Meet Your Security Requirements

    The ability to securely move information between software applications and hardware appliances is critical to any automated process. To make this possible, an interoperable communications platform must be layered into the control system. This "defense-in-depth" approach ensures that critical information will not be deciphered by non-authorized applications for malicious use. This approach also limits the scope of activities that each authorized user is allowed to do and/or access in the system in order to minimize unintentional mistakes that may cause downtime or impact safety. With KEPServerEX V5.12 and the new Security Policies Plug-In, Kepware now provides a complete solution to this market need. Read the full Application Note from Kepware's President and CEO, Tony Paine, to learn more.

  • Five Ways to Extract Value from Your Data Historian

    The data historian has long been seen as a venerable workhorse for engineers and technicians in the process industries, but changing economic conditions are forcing managers and executives to realize not only its importance but that it is a critical component to any process industry operation.

  • Emerson Introduces New Temperature Guide

    Find answers to 30 common temperature measurement questions

    The Engineer's Guide to Industrial Temperature Measurement is now available at no cost from Emerson Process Management at www.rosemount.com/tempguide.

    This Temperature Guide is packed full of valuable and executable information, including: Frequently asked questions, temperature measurement basics, engineering & design, maintenance & calibration, conversion tables and more.

    It also offers valuable insights with over 100 Proven Results/Case Histories based upon customers' actual experiences in a variety of industries and applications.

    Visitors can order the printed book, view an interactive version 24/7 or downloaded a PDF. Don't delay; order your complimentary copy of the Temperature Guide today!

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  • HMI and Industrial PC Solutions

    This e-catalog offers multiple solutions that help with the creation of HMI applications and the ability to monitor and control operator interfaces remotely on an enterprise-wide data collecting and sharing solution.

  • ExperTune's Best Practices for Controller Tuning

    Controller tuning can be accomplished quickly and accurately using proven techniques. While many engineers and technicians resort to "tune by feel," most will admit that this approach yields inconsistent results. These best practices help to ensure that controller tuning changes from "part art, part science," to a very consistent scientific approach.

  • Types of Pressure: When and Why Are They Used

    Without measurement there is no control. As with any type of measurement, results need to be expressed in a defined and clear way to allow everyone to interpret and apply those results correctly. Accurate measurements and good measurement practices are essential in industrial automation and process environments, as they have a direct effect on the success of the desired outcome. Pressure, the measure of a force on a specified area, is a straightforward concept, however, depending on the application, there are many different ways of interpreting the force measurement. This white paper will identify the various units of pressure measurement, while discussing when and why certain pressure measurements are used in specific applications.

  • Improve Operationw with Five Key Areas to Remote Management

    Manufacturing firms have used remote management of automation tasks for a number of years and for a variety of reasons. But due to recent changes in technology and strategy, remote management has recently jumped to the forefront.

  • The Future of Automation is Now!

    This paper looks at variables and measurements that illuminate the financial impact of process decisions.

  • Lighting Solutions for Lean Manufacturing

    Increase Efficiency, Reduce Costs & Improve Quality. Read this white paper to learn how maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of factory lighting can enhance operations and make all work tasks easier.

  • SCADA Systems Automate Electrical Distribution

    How Automation Improves Performance of Electric Utilities. PC-based supervisory control and data acquisition systems increase uptime, cut costs and improve utilization.

  • Migration is the Key to Upgrade Legacy RS-485 Serial Infrastructure to Ethernet/IP Networks

    In this paper, we introduce Ethernet over RS-485™, a new approach to the modernization of industrial automation and distributed control networks, and describe how it can be rapidly, reliably and securely deployed to cost-effectively transform an existing legacy RS-485-based industrial network infrastructure into one that can support IP-enabled devices while still supporting existing RS-485 networks and ensuring a managed migration to the cloud using existing paid-for infrastructure.

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