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  • Yokogawa User Group: Integrated Solutions for a Sustainable Future

    Halloween in New Orleans this year saw more than the usual array of costumed revelers on Bourbon Street. Indeed, hundreds of process automation professionals descended on the Crescent City to exchange ideas and best practices at Yokogawa's 2012 User Group Conference and Exhibition. The Control editorial team was on hand and developed this exclusive report of presentation highlights--on topics ranging from safety system risk management to the latest in data acquisition technology.

    Control Global Staff
  • Workforce Enablement

    Your Workforce Is Already Mobile. Now Give Them the Right Tools

    Schneider Electric
  • Wonderware Historian

    Wonderware Historian can easily be integrated to your HMIs so that within a few minutes, you can be collecting data, not throwing information away.

    Schneider Electric
  • WirelessHART Technology e-Book

    Everywhere we turn, wireless technology has a meaningful impact in our lives, and now Pepperl+Fuchs has taken full advantage of this technology by developing WirelessHART solutions for industrial applications. The WirelessHART solution is flexible and efficient -- especially in remote locations. It reduces cost and time by integrating field devices into wireless structures, and it prevents workers from going into potentially hazardous locations.

  • Wireless Technology in Industrial Automation

    The use of wireless technology in industrial automation systems offers a number of potential benefits, from the obvious cost reduction brought about by the elimination of wiring to the availability of better plant information, improved productivity and better asset management.

  • Wireless security on the plant floor

    Most papers written on wireless security concerns address corporate LAN access. This paper discusses both corporate and industrial wireless concerns but places an emphasis on the industrial automation wireless security aspects.

    ProSoft Technology
  • Wireless security on the plant floor

    This paper takes a comprehensive look at wireless security for both corporate and industrial automation networks, placing an emphasis on the industrial automation security aspects and providing guidelines needed to secure your plant’s wireless systems.

    ProSoft Technologies
  • Wireless Security for Water/Wastewater Networks

    Wireless technologies have been used for decades in the water/waste water industry in a multitude of applications including tank level indication, pump and motor control, flow and pressure monitoring, etc. However, recent concerns regarding the potential for hacking and cyber-attacks into these wireless systems have raised the importance of wireless security to a new high. This paper will discuss security issues within an Industrial Wireless Network, and address the ways in which these networks can be designed to be more reliable while being more secure.

    Elpro Technologies, Eaton/Cooper Bussmann
  • Wireless Process Control Network Architecture Overview - Industrial Wireless Networks Gain Acceptance In Plant Floors

    The rapid advances and maturation of wireless technology, such as Wi-Fi security, network management, standardization and mesh networking, have captured the attention of corporate and IT managers as they look for new business enablers capable of improving profitability. Companies are now enhancing their wired network by extending it wirelessly. This white paper discusses how to design a network infrastructure that will connect the wireless network to the wired network securely and reliably.

  • Wireless Monitoring of Valves

    The Need for Wireless Monitoring – An Overview
    There is a real on-going need for monitoring of valve positions (actuated or manual) in the process line. Malfunctioning of a valve can result in danger to human health and safety, affect yields, and generate environmental risks. In some industries, regulation requires constant recording of valve position. Currently, such monitoring is done through wired “Switch Boxes”. Each such device requires data transmission and power cabling. Not only are these cables costly to manufacture and install, they are also one of the most frequent sources of failures in the process line, due to the fact that they are very often exposed to harsh environmental conditions. In fact, it is right here, at the field device level, where the majority of problems with wires really exist.

    Israel Radomsky , CEO and Founder, Eltav Wireless Monitoring Ltd. Israel
  • Wireless Economics 101 – Webinar

    This webinar provides you with some best practices, core economic benchmarks and performance metrics that you can use when developing your strategy and plans for deploying wireless at your plant. We include a case study that provides a real-world example of one plant's experience with wireless and the return they saw on their investment. Register now to learn more about the cost-effective benefits of an open wireless network and how to begin building a business case for wireless at your plant

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