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  • Reduce the cost of tank blanketing

    Tank blanketing with nitrogen prevents contamination, leaks, and explosions. Download FCI's Tank Blanketing White Paper to learn how FCI’s ST100 Air/Gas Flow Meter provides precise flow measurement to reduce the cost of inert gases.

  • Online control system migrations: 'The New Standard'

    A market analysis by Automation Research Corporation estimates that globally, in excess of USD $65 billion in control systems have reached their end of life, with more than 80% of those systems having been in service for over 20 years.

  • Protecting our water – keep chemicals in the tank

    In the wake of recent incidents, it’s clear that additional scrutiny will be coming to chemical storage facilities, along with reviews of existing regulations. But with a few precautions and a relatively minor investment, action can be taken to mitigate leaks and their destructive aftereffects. This white paper details how that can be accomplished.

  • How Protocol Conversion Addresses IIoT Challenges

    This white paper from Red Lion explains protocol conversion and details how organizations can connect devices, monitor processes, and control operations to extend equipment lifespan.

  • The Case for Density Compensation in Water Cut Monitoring

    The value of produced oil depends in part on its percentage of water, or water cut. Water cut also largely determines the processing necessary to prepare the oil for sale and transport. This white paper explains water cut monitoring and details topics such as oil readiness for LACT, density compensation and variation, how to minimize errors associated with temperature and density changes, and more.

  • Old problems, new solutions in pH sensor design

    The latest generation of 3-A sanitary compliant pH measurement devices not only address common and costly pH measurement challenges, but explains how to do so through cost-saving innovations — such as the use of plastics to replace glass and metals — that improve sensor durability and ruggedness while reducing acquisition costs.

  • Tecogen moves from vision to reality with GE Equipment Insight

    This special report details how a CHP manufacturer attained unprecedented visibility into its fleet performance, reduced costs, increased productivity and created new revenue streams by integrating remote monitoring and diagnostics into its equipment with the help of GE.

  • The Power of Integration: Embrace your Inner Grid

    This report focuses on the convergence of communication protocols and underlying technologies in the arenas of process automation and electrical controls, and how this convergence is allowing a growing number of industrial companies to reduce capital costs and operating expenses even as they improve overall plant reliability and energy efficiency.

  • What does "good" control room design look like?

    Experts from BAW Architecture explore how their firm employs user-centric, human-factor principles such as ISO 11064 to design control centers from the operator out, including both new construction and renovation projects.

    BAW Architecture
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