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  • Simplify Bar Code Reading

    After solving so many variations of these applications Cognex now wants to share what we have learned in order to make these applications easy.

  • Essentials of Industrial Ethernet

    Ethernet just celebrated its 30th birthday. In 1983, IEEE published the 802.3 standard as a draft and, ever since, Ethernet has come to dominate the commercial and consumer world. Every home PC comes with an Ethernet port, and virtually all communications are done via Ethernet—except in the industrial world.

    Control Global
  • New Energy Savings Whitepaper

    If you have responsibility for managing your Energy Costs within your plant or simply want to read about Best Practice SCR techniques -- please complete the form to receive a free copy of "Energy Savings through SCR Hybrid Firing Techniques"

  • Know Your TCO: A Look at Medium-Voltage VFDs

    In this white paper, we analyze what factors contribute to TCO (total cost of ownership) of a drive, how to calculate the NPV (net present value), explain the inverse relationship between reliability and TCO and how longevity of product and customer service and support affect TCO.

  • Wireless Security for Water/Wastewater Networks

    Wireless technologies have been used for decades in the water/waste water industry in a multitude of applications including tank level indication, pump and motor control, flow and pressure monitoring, etc. However, recent concerns regarding the potential for hacking and cyber-attacks into these wireless systems have raised the importance of wireless security to a new high. This paper will discuss security issues within an Industrial Wireless Network, and address the ways in which these networks can be designed to be more reliable while being more secure.

    Elpro Technologies, Eaton/Cooper Bussmann
  • PLCs and PACs Simplify Data Acquisition

    This white paper explains how businesses benefit from the in-depth information that new PLCs and PACs can provide on processes, machines and manufacturing operations.

    Jeff Payne, AutomationDirect
  • Migration is the Key to Upgrade Legacy RS-485 Serial Infrastructure to Ethernet/IP Networks

    In this paper, we introduce Ethernet over RS-485™, a new approach to the modernization of industrial automation and distributed control networks, and describe how it can be rapidly, reliably and securely deployed to cost-effectively transform an existing legacy RS-485-based industrial network infrastructure into one that can support IP-enabled devices while still supporting existing RS-485 networks and ensuring a managed migration to the cloud using existing paid-for infrastructure.

  • SCADA Systems Automate Electrical Distribution

    How Automation Improves Performance of Electric Utilities. PC-based supervisory control and data acquisition systems increase uptime, cut costs and improve utilization.

  • Lighting Solutions for Lean Manufacturing

    Increase Efficiency, Reduce Costs & Improve Quality. Read this white paper to learn how maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of factory lighting can enhance operations and make all work tasks easier.

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