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  • Tray Cables, a Practical Introduction

    The purpose of this article is to improve the understanding of tray cables by defining them, describing the five different types of tray cables and providing accepted uses and standards, including environmental considerations, for each of those types.

  • Industrial Ethernet Trends Examined & Revealed

    In this special report celebrating Control magazine's 25 years covering the process automation industry, the editors look back at the exciting developments in industrial networking at that time.

  • Processor Power and Energy Efficiency

    While energy efficiency is vital for consumer electronics, the industrial automation customer also benefits from chip manufacturers’ perpetual goal to create processors that do more while using less energy. This White Paper explains how consumer electronic microprocessor improvements also provide a catalyst for industrial automation advancements.

  • Effective Compliance with IEC 61508 When Selecting Solenoid Valves for Safety Systems

    Regulatory modifications in 2010 have raised important issues in design and use of industrial safety systems. Certain changes in IEC 61508, now being widely implemented, mean that designers and users who desire full compliance must give new consideration to topics such as SIL levels and the transition from 1H to 2H methodologies.

    Asco Pneumatics/Emerson Process Management
  • Rocky Relationship Between Safety and Security

    This paper will discuss the methods used to ensure that the integration between the safety system and the BPCS DO NOT compromise Functional Independence and define best practices to secure an industrial system and in particular safety systems in this integrated environment.

  • How Secure Is Your Network Data?

    In this Industry Essentials guide, Plant Services' editors explain the basics of network and security services.

    Plant Services
  • Choosing the Optimal Pressure Sensor

    This white paper identifies different types pressure measurement devices and discusses when and why certain types are used in specific applications.

  • Workforce Enablement

    Your Workforce Is Already Mobile. Now Give Them the Right Tools

    Schneider Electric
  • Wonderware Historian

    Wonderware Historian can easily be integrated to your HMIs so that within a few minutes, you can be collecting data, not throwing information away.

    Schneider Electric
  • Big Data, Distributed

    You'll Learn How Distributed Historian Architectures, Together with Open Application Integration Standards are Improving Process Performance

    Canary Labs
  • Technology Brief: Cybersecurity

    Cybersecurity is an Acknowledged and Growing Threat to the Operational Integrity of Process Manufacturing and other Critical Infrastructure Sectors

  • When to Use Multi-Function Safety Relays

    Often the Best Choice for Applications Where SingleFunction Relays Aren’t Capable Enough and a Safety-Rated PLC is Overkill

    Lenny Filipkowski, AutomationDirect
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