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Volume 2: Data Acquisition

THIS VOLUME of Omega's Transactions in Measurement & Control series, Data Acquisition, helps to define the next generation of data acquisition standards to make your job easier.

We hope Data Acquisition finds a permanent home on your reference shelf and that it proves itself of great value to you now and in the future. It is imortant to note that neither advertisements or promotionals are present in this issue.

Future editions of the Transactions series will systematically cover other aspects of temperature, humidity, pressure, strain, flow, level, pH, and conductivity instrumentation as well as other measurement, data acquisition and control topics.

Chapter One: Analog I/O Functionality 

Topics covered include:
1.  Resolution to Aliasing
2.  Analog-to-Digital
3.  Digital-to-Analog

Chapter Two: Digital I/O Functionality 

Topics covered include:
1.  Digital Inputs
2.  Digital Outputs
3.  Pulse I/O

Chapter Three: Analog Signal Transmission 

Topics covered include:
1.  Analog Signal Types
2.  Noise and Grounding
3.  Wire and Cable Options

Chapter Four: Digital Signal Transmission 

Topics covered include:
1.  The OSI Network Model
2.  Physical Layer Options
3.  Network Topologies
4.  Fieldbus and Device Networks

Chapter Five: Data Acquisition Hardware 

Topics covered include:
1.  Selecting a System
2.  Plug-in-Cards
3.  Standalone Components
4.  Communication Devices

Chapter Six: Presentation and Analysis 

Topics covered include:
1.  Development Considerations
2.  Component Architectures
3.  Off-the-Shelf Offerings

Chapter Seven: Recording, Printing and Storage 

Topics covered include:
1.  Definitions and Classifications
2.  Trend Recorders
3.  Data Loggers
4.  Videographic Recorders

Download Now the a .pdf version of Force-Related Measurements in its entirety. You can also download Volume 1 and Volume 3.

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