Batch Management

Modeling software for continuous batch processes

Process control authority Bela Liptak brings in specialists from his cadre of co-authors to answer a reader's question regarding good modelling software for a batch and/or a continuous esterification process.

Ask the ExpertsQUESTION:


DO YOU know of any good modelling software for a batch and/or a continuous esterification process? The reaction constants and equilibrium are known and I would like to input these into a batch/continuous simulation package to allow optimization of existing assets. Thank you for your time.

Paul Heckert


WE USE WinSim and Aspentech process simulation software for simulating the Biodiesel Trans-esterification reaction process. Chemstations and ChemCad are also good software packages for Mr this kind of work. 

Dr. Harry H. West, PE, Adjunct Professor, and Mary Kay O'Connor, Process Safety Center, Chemical Engineering Department, Texas A&M University System

I'M NOT SURE either. However five years ago my son and I went on a mission to Venezuela. We stayed in a barrio close to Barquesimito called Pavia. One of the things we did was to assist the locals with some agricultural tasks. Pavia is n a desert like area. There was a real need for fertilizer. The common source came from the poultry houses around there. They referred to the manure we collected as “estierco” if my memory serves me well.  I wonder if “esterification processes” have anything to do with chicken manure?

Frank L JohnsonJMS Southeast Inc., Statesville NC