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Live From Rockwell Automation Automation Fair 2008

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Automation Fair 2008 Day 3 Headlines from November 20, 2008
- Mechatronics Key to Better Machine Performance
- Sustainability Footprint Making Big Impression
- OneGear, PowerFlex 755 Headline New Intelligent Motor Controls
- PlantPAx Continues Rockwell Automation’s Process Push
- It’s All About the Information, See?
- Safety Takes the Easy (to Use) Way Out



Automation Fair 2008 Day 2 Headlines from November 19, 2008
- Convergence Bringing Mash–ups to Manufacturing
- Integrated Controls Keep Cement Plants Nimble
- Integrated Architecture Is Platform for Manufacturing Convergence
- ControlLogix Boosts Agility for 3M, Frito–Lay
- Safety Aids Savings and Sustainability
- Building Blocks Ease Machine Automation Tasks
- Best Practices in Managing Oil Patch Assets


Automation Fair 2008 Day 1 Headlines from November 18, 2008
- Rockwell Automation CEO Affirms Continued Industry Leadership
- Business Benefits Driving Sustainability Movement
- Rockwell Automation Unveils PlantPAx as New Process Umbrella
- Good Safety = Good Business at Goodyear
- Convergence Connects the Manufacturing Dots
- Open Is as Open Does


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