Emerson Exchange

Goodbye, Orlando. San Antonio, Here We Come!

Mark Your Calendars for Next Year's Emerson Exchange

Emerson Exchange 2009

With the close of the 2009 Emerson Global Users Exchange, it's time to mark your calendars for next year's Exchange. In 2010, we'll head for San Antonio, Texas, September 27 through October 1, at the San Antonio Convention Center.

The turning of the calendar also marks a change in leadership for the Exchange, as 2009's vice chair, Eli Lilly's Aaron Wood, takes the reins as chairman. Aaron is an associate engineering consultant within the process automation group at Eli Lilly's Tippecanoe Laboratories plant site in Lafayette, Ind. Aaron, his wife, Lynn, and their three children reside in West Lafayette, Ind.

A special thanks, too, on behalf of the Board of Directors, the Advisory Board, Emerson Process Management and the entire user community—to Genentech's Christoph Lebl, our outgoing conference chair.

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