Looking Through the Electronic Porthole

Take Your Hands and Put Thumb to Thumb and Forefinger to Forefinger. Look Through Your Hands. Do You See Everything There Is to See?

Walt BoyesBy Walt Boyes, Editor in Chief

Websites and email newsletters and even streaming media all have a very large drawback. In the case of www.ControlGlobal.com, we have hundreds of great articles, white papers, case studies, vendor notes, application stories and much more. But you have to look for them as if you were looking through the porthole on one of those old, hard-shell diving suits. Take your hands and put thumb to thumb and forefinger to forefinger, and look through your hands. Do you see everything there is to see? Not hardly.

This is a real problem for us, as information pushers, and for you as information users. If we can't let you know what we have, you can't know, and therefore you can't get it, now can you?

For example, we have hosted two very useful documents for many years now. The first is the "Little Black look" (the Fisher Controls Guide to Control Valve Sizing and Selection). And the second is the Magnetrol Desk Reference. Bet you didn't know that.

The Little Black Book is part of our Control Valve Technology Library. Currently, this resource center has 61 articles, 12 white papers, 40 news stories, and 87 product information releases. See what I mean about looking through a tiny porthole?

The Omega Transactions series that contains basic instruction in a variety of standard process automation tasks is also on our site; Volume 1—Non-Contact Temperature Measurement; Volume 2—Data Acquisition; Volume 3—Force-Related Measurement.

Our white paper library has close to 1000 papers. They cover everything from how to use wet chemistry sensors like pH and ORP to how to select the best DCS or develop an MES strategy. Visit the ControlGlobal.com White Paper Library at www.controlglobal.com/whitepapers/index.html

We created the Directory of Lost Companies wiki to make it easier to keep up with the ownership changes in the automation industry. Just like Wikipedia, the directory is only as good as the information that you put in it. Don't send it to us; add it to the wiki. The wiki can be found at: http://community.controlglobal.com/content/directory-lost-companies.