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Stuxnet Overview - Understanding What It is, What Has Happened and the Solutions Available

See a Compilation of Articles on Stuxnet, Written by Process Automation Experts. What Is Stuxnet, What Has Happened, and What Solutions Have Been Found to Correct the Problem

Eoin Ó Riain, publisher of "The Read-Out Instrumentation Signpost" blog, presents a series of articles on Stuxnet written by automation experts such as Eric Byres, Joe Langil, Gary Mintchell, Ralph Langner, Jon DiPietro, Jim Pinto, Jim Cahill and our very own Walt Boyes and Nancy Bartels in one of his blog entries titled "Abominable security commitment! #Stuxnet."

The compilation of these articles give an in-depth coverage of Stuxnet, what it is, what has happenned, and what solutions have been found to correct the issue at hand.

In June 2010, Siemens held their North American Automation Summit that focused on security. Theconference discussed the discovery of Stuxnet and Siemens' vulnarability to it. The summit also showed how Siemens took many of the lessons learned from this discovery and converted them into a roadmap to help their users secure their environment in the future. However, not long after the conference an announcement was made informing end users that more vulnerabilities had been discovered.

What solutions have been found since then and what measures are being put in place to avoid future vulnerabiities? Read more about Stuxnet at "Abominable security commitment! #Stuxnet."

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