Automation: Back to Basics With Timeless Content

Enjoy Reading, Watching and Listening to Our 300+ pages of Process Automation Back to Basics Tutorials

By Walt Boyes

Over the past 10 years, we've posted many articles that focus on basic techniques and technologies used in process automation, from the big four sensor technologies (flow, level, pressure, temperature) to analytical techniques and many more. When you're looking for the basic tools of your trade, you can find many of them here. A simple search of for the search string "Back to Basics" returns over 300 items. They include white papers, articles, multimedia, blog posts and more. They cover the entire spectrum of tools you will use as a process automation professional.

Let's look at a few of them.

Back to Basics: Calibration. In this edition of the Back to Basic video series, executive editor Jim Montague studies calibration of field instruments. Knowing what field instrument calibration is and what the pitfalls are can save you and your plant time and money.

Back to Basics: DP Flow Measurement. This video gives you the straight scoop on using differential pressure to measure flow in pipes. Since differential pressure flowmeters are still the most commonly used flow measurement technology, this is real "need to know" information.

Back to Basics: Termination Technologies. One of the most common single points of failure in control systems is the wiring, especially the connections. This Back to Basics on termination technologies will help you avoid common mistakes in design and operation of terminal connections.

Back to Basics: Loop Tuning. Here I explain the basics of this fundamental control operation. Learn about dead band, lag time, PID control, manual and adaptive loop tuning, and why your loop tuning problems can't always be fixed by software.

Back to Basics: Magnetic Flowmeters. In this article, I explain how magmeters work, where to apply them and, even more importantly, where not to apply them, and how to deal with them when they don't work.

Back to Basics: Ultrasonic Continuous Level Measurement. Ultrasonic Level is one of the five non-contacting continuous level measurement technologies, and the one that is most often misused or misapplied. Here I show you how to do it right.

There are many more Back to Basics topics at Enjoy reading, watching and listening.