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Innovation and Commitment Drive Honeywell Offering

November 2013 Event Marks 25th Annual Gathering of EMEA Users

By Keith Larson


More than 1,000 process automation professionals from 60 countries throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), converged the week of November 4th, 2013, on Nice, France, to learn, share best practices, and to mark the 25th annual gathering of EMEA users of technology and services from Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS). In his keynote welcome, Darius Adamczyk, HPS president, stressed the company's continued commitment to developing market-leading technologies and services, yet always providing a path forward for users of its process automation, instrumentation and information management solutions.

“We understand that you face a number of challenges--including an evolving energy landscape, uncertain global markets and changing environmental regulations--that make it critical for you to optimize efficiency and productivity,” said Adamczyk. Further, the company recognizes improving safety, cyber security, equipment reliability and the need to address changing workforce demographics as "industrial imperatives," Adamczyk said.

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And while distributed control system (DCS) technology is "core to our DNA," Adamczyk said, "we're much more than a DCS company." Indeed, key focus areas for HPS include field instruments, where it has tripled its investments over the past several years, and advanced, software-based solutions that not only deliver greater business benefits, but are much easier to engineer, implement and use.

"Just because we're in the industrial space, it doesn't mean we can't be more like Apple--making technology faster, easier to apply," Adamczyk said. The company also has invested heavily in its Control Room of the Future, which brings together a range of new ergonomic and collaboration technologies designed to support operator decision-making--from touchscreen-based Collaboration Stations, designed to make it easier to enlist even distant expertise, to new DynAMo alarm management tools.

In addition to technology leadership, Adamczyk sees Honeywell's plant lifecycle approach to supporting its customers as a clear differentiator. "We want to be with you in the greenfield, when you bring technology on line, help you optimize it, train your workgroup, then help you migrate to the next technology."

"We think very hard about how to make technology that may be 15 years old smoothly migrate forward," he added. "Migration cannot be an event."