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Determine Your "Top X" Projects and Have Honeywell Help You Get Them Done

By Paul Studebaker

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"At Honeywell, we resolve to improve the customer experience at every touchpoint," began Andy D'Amelio, vice president Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS), in his keynote address to the Honeywell Users Group (HUG) Americas this week in San Antonio, Texas. D'Amelio is responsible for sales of Honeywell products and services throughout the Americas and has spent the past few days in intensive training sessions with sales staff. "We learn technical skills—not just the difference between 0.01 and 0.001 accuracy, but how that provides value to your company," D'Amelio said. "In my mind, it has to deliver one of two things: reduce your costs or increase your capacity: Can I save you money, or can I help you make more stuff?"

In the training sessions, "I tell my people to stop selling and start serving," D'Amelio said. Listen to customers, like the ones attending HUG. "What you do is complicated—solving problems nobody has solved before. Our job is to serve you products and knowledge so you can do that." You know what you need, the projects that need to be done, D'Amelio said. "We'll help you build the business case and get the project approved."

First Things First

D'Amelio suggested that attendees adopt a "Top X" philosophy: "Define your most important initiatives, say, five initiatives, in which you will disproportionately invest your time," he said. "This is your Top X. De-prioritize everything else."

Along with process control and product expertise, D'Amelio's team brings vertical domain knowledge― what's happening in your industry around the world. "We understand your business, what you're trying to achieve, your budget and your needs," he said. "In some ways, we have to understand your business almost better than you do―what it takes to get things done through your internal process. We have expert and market support to answer your questions."

HUG conferences― this is the 39th ―have proven to provide value both to end user attendees and to Honeywell. "Bring an agenda and you can do here in three or four days what might take you six months on your own," D'Amelio said. "In return, Honeywell gets to understand your needs and your wants. There's a lot of technology in this business. Our job is to learn it and to share what we learn with you."

"I define value as the difference between what you get and what you give up for it. We want to continue to provide you the best value in the industry."