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Engineers Plan to Capture Electrical Data During Super Bowl XLIX

Testing and capturing electrical data can help avoid power outages

By Katherine Bonfante

Remember the blackout during the 2013 Super Bowl ? It happened right after Beyonce finished the halftime show. Well, engineers at University of Phoenix Stadium, site of this year's Super Bowl XLIX in Glendale, Ariz., are using Fluke measurement tools to ensure that during this year's game, there won't be another power outage.

According to an article published by Fluke, WBL Services is setting up and managing telecommunications and internet services for media partners both at the stadium and at media row in the Phoenix Convention Center. WBL is setting up their own communications and power infrastructure independent of the stadium's in order to avoid mishaps as the one from 2013.

Using a V3000FC Current Module as well as the Fluke Connect™ app on phones. WBL will be capturing power data in real-time during the game. The real-time data will help monitor abrupt changes in current that could impact internet or phone services. If anything goes wrong,  the recorded data will help them pinpoint the malfunction and rectify it promptly.

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