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Wireless Radios On Helmets, NFL's Most Guarded Secret

Wireless technology now helps football players plan their next move

By Katherine Bonfante

Remember when football players had to huddle together before every single play? Nowadays, whenever you watch the Super Bowl or any football game for that matter, you hardly see the players talking about what their next play is. Why is that? Well, in today's technological world the quarterback or linebacker is equipped with a two-way wireless radio they use to communicate with their coaches during games.

Fluke published a report titled "Why QB Helmet Radios are Top Secret" where they talk about the sport's technological advantage.

The article says that based on NFL regulations, only one player from each team is allowed to wear the equipped helmet and therefore the player wearing the wireless radio must be identified with a green dot on its helmet.

In order to avoid tampering with the helmets, the equipment is highly guarded by NFL officials. An league representative brings the secured helmets down to field minutes before the game starts and as soon as the game ends, the two-way wireless radio helmets must go back to NFL league officials hand.

To find out why so much secrecy and security around these helmets, visit Fluke and read the original article.